When Is the Best Time to Run in UFC 4?

UFC 4, the latest installment in the Ultimate Fighting Championship video game series, offers players a realistic and immersive experience inside the octagon. One crucial aspect of the game is movement, including the ability to run strategically to gain an advantage over opponents. In this comprehensive guide, we will how to run in ufc 4, discussing the controls, tactics, and tips to help you become a more agile and effective fighter in the virtual arena.

Understanding Movement Controls:

Before delving into the intricacies of running in UFC 4, it’s essential to familiarize yourself with the basic movement controls. The left analog stick on your controller is used to navigate your fighter in different directions. The right analog stick controls head movement, allowing you to bob and weave to avoid strikes.

To initiate a run in UFC 4, you’ll use a combination of the left analog stick and additional buttons, depending on your gaming platform.

On PlayStation:

  • Press and hold the L1 button (located on the top-left of your controller).
  • While holding L1, use the left analog stick to dictate the direction you want to run.

On Xbox:

  • Press and hold the LB button (located on the top-left of your controller).
  • While holding LB, use the left analog stick to choose the desired running direction.

Understanding the Stamina System:

Running in UFC 4 is not limitless; it is tied to your fighter’s stamina. Stamina plays a crucial role in your overall performance, affecting your ability to throw powerful strikes, defend against takedowns, and, of course, run. Running excessively can deplete your stamina, leaving you vulnerable to your opponent’s attacks.

Keep an eye on your stamina bar, located beneath your fighter’s health bar, to gauge your current energy levels. Running conservatively and strategically managing your stamina is essential for long-term success in the octagon.

Tactical Running in UFC 4:

Now that you’re familiar with the basic controls, let’s explore the tactical aspects of running in UFC 4. Running can be employed for various strategic purposes, including creating distance, closing in on an opponent, or circling around the octagon. Here are some tactical considerations:

  1. Creating Distance:
    • When you find yourself under pressure or need a moment to recover, running can create distance between you and your opponent. Utilize this strategy to reset the fight, regain stamina, and reassess your game plan.
  2. Closing the Distance:
    • Conversely, if you’re looking to close in on your opponent quickly, initiate a run to cover ground faster. Closing the distance strategically can catch your opponent off guard, setting up opportunities for effective strikes or takedowns.
  3. Circling and Angles:
    • Running can be used to circle around your opponent, controlling the pace of the fight and creating angles for attack. By moving laterally and changing angles, you can set up strikes, counterattacks, and takedowns more effectively.

Tips for Effective Running:

  1. Manage Stamina Wisely:
    • Avoid sprinting continuously, as it can rapidly deplete your stamina. Instead, use short bursts of running strategically and mix it with other movements to maintain a balanced approach.
  2. Utilize Feints and Fakes:
    • Incorporate feints and fakes into your running strategy to keep your opponent guessing. Feinting a run and suddenly changing direction can create openings for attacks or takedowns.
  3. Combine Running with Striking:
    • Integrate running with striking techniques to surprise your opponent. Quick jabs, hooks, or kicks while moving can catch opponents off guard and disrupt their rhythm.
  4. Adapt to Your Opponent’s Style:
    • Pay attention to your opponent’s fighting style and adjust your running strategy accordingly. Against aggressive opponents, defensive running can be effective, while against defensive opponents, aggressive running can force them to react.
  5. Use the Cage to Your Advantage:
    • When near the cage, running along its perimeter can limit your opponent’s movement options. This can be particularly effective in controlling the octagon and dictating the pace of the fight.
  6. Practice Footwork and Timing:
    • Running effectively requires good footwork and timing. Practice moving in and out, changing directions, and using runs in training mode to develop a fluid and strategic approach.


Mastering the art of running in UFC 4 is a key component of becoming a well-rounded and strategic fighter in the virtual octagon. Whether you’re creating distance, closing in on an opponent, or circling to find https://fastysports.com/ openings, understanding the controls, managing stamina, and implementing tactical approaches are essential for success. As you hone your skills and adapt your running strategy to different opponents and situations, you’ll find yourself gaining a competitive edge in UFC 4, navigating the virtual arena with agility, precision, and strategic finesse.