What Are The Most Popular Subscription Boxes Right Now?

Giving subscription gifts is enjoyable because they keep giving repeatedly. Your recipient receives a fresh box of goodies every month, reminding them of you. They’re also perfect for those last-minute gift needs. Subscription services typically provide free shipping, and there’s endless potential for exploration.

Subscribing to gift boxes can be an exciting method to explore new foods, cultures, and creators worldwide. These boxes encompass various interests, from beauty products to hobbies like natural wine and plants. However, finding subscription services that ensure quality can be challenging. Yet, finding subscription services that deliver quality can be challenging.

Best Monthly Subscription Boxes On The Market

Greeen Box

Greeen Box’s mystery weed boxes contain a selection of top-quality cannabis products, including premium flowers, delicious edibles, and innovative accessories. This weed box is what you call your personalized enjoyment.

With Greeen Box, there’s always something fresh and thrilling in store. What you get is your choice – a carefully curated subscription box brimming with fresh edibles, flowers, or vapes. The company also has exclusive collaborations with renowned brands which tells you that you are getting the best in the cannabis community. Every box holds surprises, and every puff is remarkable!

Her Fashion Box

Her Fashion Box delivers a monthly subscription box featuring two fashionable accessories in line with current trends, along with three to four beauty products and the HFB Magazine. Each box is customized based on subscribers’ style preferences, considering their tastes, skin type, favorite colors, age, and preferred fashion style, whether it’s classic, feminine, or trendy.

Why it’s fantastic? Women enjoy receiving gifts, and subscription boxes offer a delightful surprise every month. It’s introducing a new way for women to engage with fashion and beauty, in a tangible and exciting format.

Bespoke Post

With Bespoke Post, you get themed boxes where subscribers can pick from a selection of fan-favorite items. These boxes contain lifestyle products, gadgets, home decor, and more, all crafted from premium materials. Unlike cheaper men’s subscription boxes, Bespoke Post focuses on quality items rather than trinkets. Each themed box aims to introduce you to something fresh, whether it’s a refined cooking method, stylish barware, or a new hobby. Previous themes have included Energized (coffee bundle), Wabi Sabi (sushi set), and Trail (outdoor gear).

Dollar Shave Club

Members select a razor blade, and Dollar Shave Club (DSC) sends a handle along with a specific number of cartridges every month. Additionally, members can pick from a wide range of grooming products to include in their box, which is delivered straight to their door. Each box also contains DSC’s monthly magazine, the Bathroom Minutes, offering members engaging lifestyle content.

Why it’s excellent: The market lacked affordable, high-quality razors delivered reliably and conveniently. Well, now it doesn’t

Driftaway Coffee

For a budget-friendly coffee subscription that doesn’t compromise on quality, Driftaway is something that won’t disappoint you. Setting up deliveries with them is simple, you’ll find the tasting notes to be spot-on.

Driftaway began as a labor of love, and it’s evident in their approach. They source their beans from small-scale coffee farmers, and each bag of coffee comes with the story behind the beans. Driftaway’s meticulous attention to detail and exceptional service elevate their coffee subscription, particularly in terms of flavor.

CrunchLabs Build Box

The CrunchLabs Build Box Subscription offers an exciting monthly journey into education and creativity for inquisitive young minds. Each month, children receive a new DIY toy that’s not just fun but also educational, making learning enjoyable. These interactive projects come with entertaining 15-30 minute videos hosted by the renowned science enthusiast, Mark Rober. Plus, subscribers get the chance to win an exclusive trip to the CrunchLab. The first 12 boxes of the subscription provide a glimpse into the captivating world of STEM principles through hands-on projects like Disc Launchers, Coin Spinners, Trip Wires, and Drawing Machines, igniting a lifelong passion for science and engineering.

Notox Box

Struggling to live as organically as you want? Notox Box offers a solution with its selection of natural and non-toxic products. Each box contains five to eight items, spanning organic food, skincare, and wellness lifestyle products.

They wanted to simplify things for people. The founders had to go through extensive research, reading labels, consulting specialists, and searching everywhere for these amazing products! It was tough to find them, so they created this monthly subscription box and later developed an online store to share these fantastic products and information.

KiwiCo Crates

KiwiCo presents various subscription boxes for kids packed with enjoyable activities. The company emphasizes learning through hands-on exploration, enabling children to expand their understanding of engineering, technology, and art.

Each monthly box contains detailed instructions for a themed project, complemented by KiwiCo’s helpful online resources. KiwiCo stands out for offering top-notch kids’ subscription boxes that promote education through play.

KiwiCo caters to the whole family with subscription kits tailored to different age groups. For instance, there’s the Panda Crate for babies aged 0-36 months to explore and discover, the Koala Crate for toddlers aged 3-4 with play-focused activities, and the Kiwi Crate offering science and art activities for kids aged 5-8.

The Whisky Order

What’s included: The Whisky Order offers whisky enthusiasts the chance to explore and savor exceptional whiskies from around the globe each month. Every malt comes with tasting notes, a tasting mat, and insights into what makes each brand or malt distinctive. If you were to purchase all the bottles sent each month, it would total well over $500.

Why it’s fantastic: “Subscription commerce allows consumers to enjoy the benefits of group buying and discover new and exciting products. From a business standpoint, a recurring revenue model is ideal because it allows us to focus on keeping our customers engaged rather than solely on acquiring new ones. Being able to predict revenue several months in advance is incredibly helpful. Plus, receiving a delightful little package at your doorstep every month is just plain fun!


Out of all, your cannabis cravings can only be satisfied with good monthly vape subscription boxes. Pick yours from the list and you’ll experience a new kind of high with every delivery. Put things together yourself or let us surprise you with these mystery subscription boxes.

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