Top 5 Quick Commerce Apps in India

Quick Commerce platforms are like the modern and realistic versions of Genie. The way they appear at your doorstep with your orders within minutes is no less than a work of magic. It is, in fact, modern-day sorcery.

Quick Commerce businesses are delivering daily necessary items within a span of 30 minutes. This is giving tough competition to e-commerce businesses, which had been the norm until now. While e-commerce businesses deliver products in 2-4 days, Quick Commerce platforms fulfill the delivery requirements in only 30 minutes.

When people can order the same thing via the Quick Commerce platform at the same rates as e-commerce and receive it within an hour, then why would they want to wait for days?

Items you can order from Quick Commerce include groceries, personal care items, medicines, fruits, vegetables, dairy products, food, etc.

The Future of the Quick Commerce Market

  • In 2024, the value of the quick commerce market in India is expected to be $3,000 million, while it is expected to go up to $5 billion by 2025.
  • India is the 3rd largest grocery market in the world.
  • The Indian q-Commerce market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 67% by 2028.
  • The Indian e-grocery market is expected to grow to $12 billion by 2025.
  • In the next five years, it is expected that q-Commerce sector will grow 10–15 times.

This is enough proof that the quick commerce business is not going to slow down anytime soon.

The Growth Factors of Quick Commerce

  • Change in consumers’ demands. Earlier, consumers used to consider quality, price, and value, but now they have also started seeking convenience.
  • Online shopping is currently growing at 30% annually.
  • People are shifting from offline grocery shopping to online shopping, as in Quick Commerce platforms.
  • The preference for good-quality products as well as variety has increased among people.

5 Quick Commerce Platforms in India Giving a Tough Competition to Ecommerce with Their Quick Delivery Service.


  1. HathMe

HathMe is a new quick commerce platform and India’s first B2M. It is based in Delhi NCR, where it is currently operating, but it will soon cover other cities as well. It is planning to extend its operations throughout India.

Some of HathMe’s greatest USPs include free delivery for merchants, zero registration charges, lower commission rates, etc.

HathMe offers its customers good-quality goods at cost-effective prices. They offer multiple payment options, like debit cards, credit cards, UPI, mobile wallets, net banking, and cash on delivery.

  1. Blinkit

Blinkit is highly popular among city dwellers because of its super-fast deliveries. The average delivery time for Blinkit is 10–20 minutes. It serves over 1 million customers on a weekly basis. It has tie-ups with local grocery stores and has over 250 local warehouses, so deliveries can be carried out without any trouble.

  1. Dunzo

Dunzo is also a popular quick commerce platform and operates in seven major cities. Dunzo fulfills delivery demands such as food, medicines, groceries, pet supplies, gifts, health and wellness, bike rides, etc.

The average delivery time for Dunzo is 35–40 minutes. It even has a dedicated app for delivery partners to monitor them and assign orders. On the Dunzo ordering app, there are features like live order tracking, push notifications for offers and discounts, and multiple payment options. Dunzo uses AI technology to run its processes smoothly.

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