The Evolution of the England Cricket Jersey

The history of the England cricket team jersey has been very rich, and their jersey has undergone significant changes over time. The modern design and its development from humble beginnings make the England cricket jersey a testament to the identity and values of the team.

The Early Years (1877-1900)

The first ever English cricket team came into existence in 1877 which included a plain white shirt with an emblem of ECB on the chest that had blue collar. In its early days, this team’s uniform was traditional and conservative. Visit our website WA Sports

The Golden Era (1900-1940)

For example, in the early 20th century, England had a golden era where legends such as W.G. Grace and Jack Hobbs ruled cricket. During this period, there was a significant change in the attire of the team; they introduced navy-blue cap, broad blue stripe across their chests on white shirts.

Post-War Era (1940-1980)

After World War two ended, there were more significant changes that happened to England’s cricket jerseys. It became lighter blue with a smaller ECB emblem on its chest that was more modern than before. That design stayed almost constant for thirty years plus.

1980-2000 (modern era)

During the 1980s, the England cricket teams changed their uniform just as much as any other team in history. The team picked more glowing and up to date design which had bright blue color with a larger ECB badge on the chest. This design was popularized by legendary players like Ian Botham and David Gower.

2000-Present (contemporary era)

England cricket team’s jersey has continued to develop throughout the 21st century. There is now a trimmer and more modern look with a navy-blue color and an ECB emblem that stands out on the chest of this particular one. Additionally, there are thin white lines that form certain patterns on top of it.


The transition of the England cricket team’s jersey over time reveals the transformation and progress made by it. The England shirt has undergone various changes from its inception to its present state in terms of design, becoming such an iconic symbol for this game with regard for the values associated with it today.


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