Sizzling Sensations 615g Cylinders

Large Capacity of 615g cylinders

These large capacity 615g cylinders contain approximately 580 grams of food-grade nitrous oxide gas and are ideal for use in professional catering settings. Each cylinder can be used to charge numerous cream siphons in rapid succession, providing you with the gas you need to create a range of dessert creations and exotic cocktails. They also allow you to improve your workflow efficiency and are easy to dispose of after use.

Our 615g cylinders are made from high-quality stainless steel and are fully compatible with all leading brands of cream charger dispensers. They are supplied with a custom screw for quick and easy installation into the cream charger. They have a pressure release nozzle that allows you to fully release the pressure of the gas for disposal after each use.

A single 615g cylinder contains enough gas to charge up to 85 cream chargers, meaning that they are more efficient than using individual smaller cylinders and help you reduce your metal waste. This is particularly important in a commercial kitchen where you are using a lot of chargers per event.

615g cylinders


These 615g cylinders are made for easy and cost-effective use by catering professionals. They come filled with nitrous oxide (N2O) food grade gas and are perfect for restaurants, bars, cafes and other commercial kitchens. These small non-refillable disposable cylinders are secure, compact, economical and lightweight – an ideal alternative to the large industrial size cylinders that are more expensive and require periodic re-certification.

Each cylinder holds 615 grams of N2O, enough to charge up to 85 standard cream chargers. These cylinders can be used alongside a pressure regulator, which provides superior control of N2O usage and portion control, ensuring flawless results every time. They are also 100% recyclable and comply with manufacturing international standards.

The high capacity 615g cylinders can be easily connected to your N2O whipper using the appropriate filling hose, which is included with the purchase. This enables the cylinders to be fully loaded with nitrous oxide in seconds, removing the hassle of constantly refilling your chargers. This also allows you to save money and waste less, as a single cylinder can be used to charge numerous cream siphons in quick succession.

Always ensure that the cylinder is completely empty of freezing gas before removing it from your device. Cylinders get extremely cold when punctured and can cause deep tissue burns, which may not be immediately apparent at the time of injury. If you are injured by this freezing gas, seek medical advice immediately.

Compatible with Most Cream Siphons

Unlike the smaller 8g cream chargers, these larger cylinders are compatible with most cream siphons on the market. They are also easier to use and help save time refilling. These cylinders contain more gas than the small cartridges, which means you’ll be able to prepare a lot more dishes in a shorter period of time.

These 615g cylinders can be used with all brands of whipped cream dispensers, including GreatWhip, ISI, Mosa, Kayser, Smart Whip and more. To use them, simply unscrew the head of your dispenser and insert the cylinder. Screw the holder back until you hear a click, which indicates that the cartridge is properly pierced. Then, shake the siphon gently for a few seconds to allow the gas to bind with the fat molecules in your mix. Once it’s ready, turn the siphon upside down and press the handle to release the aerated mixture.

Once you’ve finished using your cylinder, simply dispose of it according to the manufacturer’s guidelines. Most cylinders have a pressure release nozzle that allows you to fully empty the nitrous oxide for disposal. They also come with a filling hose and pressure regulator, which can be connected to any brand of cream siphon. These cylinders are designed to meet strict international standards for superior performance, quality and safety. In addition, they are lightweight, which makes them easy to transport.

High Quality

These 615g cylinders are filled with high-quality nitrous oxide gas. This makes them ideal for use in restaurants, coffee shops, or any other venue that needs to produce large quantities of whipped cream. They are also designed to be safe and easy to use, making them a great choice for businesses that are looking for a quality, durable solution to their whipping needs.

The 615g cylinders are made from a lightweight, high-quality aluminum silver material. This means they are half the weight of steel cylinders, which helps to reduce waste and environmental impact. Each cylinder is sealed to ensure that the contents remain fresh and protected from contaminants. It is important to note that these cylinders can get freezing cold when punctured so care should be taken when handling them.


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