Seals of Quality: Custom Gasket Manufacturing Expertise

With 14 years of unparalleled expertise, Genesis-mfg is your ultimate partner in custom rubber custom gasket manufacturing and metal shim manufacturing service. We specialize in custom gasket manufacturing that embodies durability, precision, and quality, serving as strong seals that easily adapt to your industry-specific applications.

We know that effective gaskets are synonymous with accuracy and reliability. Every custom rubber custom gasket manufacturing is engineered to provide a snug fit and ensure a leak-proof seal that can withstand pressure, temperature, and time.

Our company specializes in custom parts manufacturing and machine parts manufacturing providing tailored solutions to meet the unique needs of our clients across various industries.

Quality assurance you can rely on

Quality is more than a promise; it’s a Genesis-mfg guarantee. Our rigorous quality assurance process ensures that each rubber custom gasket manufacturing not only meets but exceeds industry standards, providing you with a part you can trust for consistent long-term performance.

Custom Seals, Custom Gasket Manufacturing, and Metal Shim Manufacturing Services

Our services and capabilities allow us to custom seals, custom gasket manufacturing, and metal shim manufacturing services in UAE using the following materials:

Compression molding

Using advanced compression molding technology, we produce high-quality gaskets and seals with tight tolerances, flexibility and resistance to harsh environments.

Die cutting

We can create custom molds to custom seals and custom gasket manufacturing in a variety of sizes, materials, shapes and throughputs.

liquid injection

This process involves the molding of silicone rubber. The liquid injection is a precise and repeatable closed-loop process ideal for molding high-volume parts using liquid silicone and liquid fluoro silicone materials.

Materials for Seals and Gaskets

ETI can deliver and fabricate any type of seals and gaskets from a large variety of materials to meet the requirements of your application.

Nitrile is one of the more common material types well suited to seals and gaskets, but many other custom materials are also available as well, like compounds Neoprene, Styrene Butadiene, or SBR, Fluorocarbon compounds, Aflas, Fluorosilicone, several grades, polyisoprene, and silicone.

The type of material you select often depends upon the environmental conditions of your application. If your application is exposed to toxic or corrosive materials, heat, sunlight, oil, or seawater, you will want to select material options that can withstand these conditions. Because of this, the selection of available materials is almost limitless, as manufacturers can formulate a compound to meet your environmental requirements.

At ETI, materials are used that meet the ASTM D2000 standard allowing for an almost infinite description of the quality of the rubber based on a system of suffixes and prefixes. In this way, ETI can cover a large variety of materials and their specifications such as volumetric expansion under oil exposure, temperature resistance, tensile strength, hardness, elongation, and compression set.

High Quality Seals

Quality Seals is one of the best custom gasket manufacturers as well as providers of qualitative gaskets. We provide the best sealing solutions for various industries like pharmaceuticals, food and beverages, cosmetics, oil and gas, energy and chemical, and process industries.

We have recognized among them because of our relentless effort towards quality, sincerity, and service.

Our Standard Product Manufacturing:

Gaskets are needed in varied forms as per the varied requirements of our valued customers. Some of the major products that are included in our portfolio are:

  1. Non-metallic gaskets: In non-metallic custom gaskets manufacturing, we make use of good quality materials such as rubber, cork, PTFE, and fiber composite materials of different kinds. Gaskets manufactured from the above-mentioned materials are known to have excellent sealing properties, are chemical resistant as well as excellent in temperature resistance.
  2. Metal Gaskets: Our metal gaskets are intended to give fantastic fixing execution under high weight and high temperature. We give a scope of metal gaskets that incorporate twist wound gaskets, which are Metal Jacketed and ring-joined gaskets for use under extreme modern use conditions.
  3. Custom Gaskets: Knowing that every application is unique in its needs, we also develop numerous types of custom gaskets. In conjunction with our experienced staff, we collaborate with our customers to design the custom gaskets they require according to their specifications so they can seal and function efficiently. 


Genesis-mfg is a trusted, high-quality custom gasket supplier with a portfolio of sealing solutions diversified across various industries. Devoted to quality, customization, and exceptional service-our mission is to be the first choice for gasket needs. Together with Genesis-mfg, reliable sealing solutions for your applications guarantee efficiency, safety, and long-term performance.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the materials used for rubber custom gasket manufacturing?

Used in this field of custom rubber custom gasket manufacturing; a wide variety of material choices can be used, which is dependent on what it will be used for, and what type and form of environment it will be applied. Material selection also depends on some factors such as the rate it needs to be temperature-resistant, flexible, and durable. Neoprene weather-resistant is common; high elastic temperature silicone, oil-resistant nitrile, Buna-N, chemical-resistant fluoroelastomer.

What are the advantages of custom rubber compression molding for my manufacturing needs?

Custom rubber compression molding offers many benefits such as being cost-effective for small to medium runs of production, the process is well suited for complex designs, and it’s excellent for crafting high-density durable parts of rubber. It allows several types of rubber materials to be used, finish quality is excellent which makes it a very flexible parts to produce parts that can be used for different applications and industries.

What can be used for the custom manufacture of rubber seals and grommets?

Wide varieties of materials can be chosen for your custom rubber seals and grommets according to your demands and applications, including but not limited to Silicone for its excellent high temperature and aging resistance, Nitrile or Buna-N for its excellent resistance to oils and fuels, Viton for its superior chemical resistance, Neoprene for its good balance of flexibility and strength, and so on.