Make a profile
To reserve a car on Tarlen, create an account. You can register with an Apple ID, Google account, or email address.

Minimum age
Tenants have to be at least 21 years old.
Only economy or basic cars may be reserved by those between the ages of 21 and 25. Young drivers must pay a R75 daily fee.
Premium or luxury car rentals are available to those who are over 25.

Confirmation: Prior to your initial reservation

Before reserving your first journey on Tarlen, you must authenticate yourself for the safety of both the platform and yourself. Rent my ride The procedure is in two steps. You have to finish a personal verification first. Subsequently, you must present your driver’s license as proof of your legal right to operate a motor vehicle.
Your complete name, home address, date of birth, ID number, and both sides of a current domestic or foreign driver’s license are required.
Log in, press the symbol in the upper right corner, then follow the verification prompts to finish your verification.
If Tarlen is unable to verify or does not have enough information, it may reject your verification or ban people from the platform.

arranging your travel

After being accepted, pick a car to view the specifics, such as pictures, features, specs, cost, and host details.
Choose your travel dates and times, accept Tarlen’s basic cover, or upgrade to the super cover. You may also select your pickup option (regular pickup or delivery for an additional cost).

Pay now to finish the reservation. Only after the trip has been confirmed are payments charged.
By integrating with Peachpayment, Tarlen manages all payments, guaranteeing enterprise-grade security for your card information and payments.

March 27, 2024