Migrate QuickBooks Desktop to Online: A Complete Guide

One well-known accounting program is QuickBooks Desktop. However, QuickBooks Online is a good option as the need for unreachable availability and cloud utility increases. This blog provides an explicit step-by-step guide to migrate QuickBooks Desktop to Online.

In this article, we’ll coordinate you through all the strategies, proposals, and best practices to ensure a consistent migration from QuickBooks Desktop to QuickBooks Online. This article will give you the information and tools fundamental to ensure a smooth and effective strategy in any type of business.

Moving data from one version to another is quite difficult and crucial for your business as well. That’s why we suggest you get help from QuickBooks professionals for a seamless data transfer. Therefore, dial +1.833.802.0002 and connect with the QB ProAdvisors.

Prepare your QuickBooks Desktop Before Migration

Follow the steps outlined below to prepare your QuickBooks Desktop for migration.

Step 1: Backup Your Company File

Follow these steps to backup the company files you migrate:

  1. In the File menu, select Switch to Single-user Mode.
  2. Then, go back to the File menu.
  3. Click on Create Backup.
  4. Select Local backup.
  5. Click Next after selecting Local Backup in the new box.
  6. Click Browse under the Local Backup Only option to select the location where you wish to save the backup of your company file.
  7. A test will be conducted to confirm the backup file.
  8. Click OK when you’re ready to continue.
  9. Click Save it now and select Next.

Step 2: Update QuickBooks Desktop

Before beginning the transfer, update the QuickBooks desktop by following these steps:

  1. Select Switch to Single-user Mode from the File menu if you are currently in multi-user mode.
  2. After that, choose Help, then Update QuickBooks Desktop.
  3. Click on Update Now.
  4. Choose Get Updates, then Close.
  5. Go to the File menu again and select Exit.
  6. Restart QuickBooks Desktop.
  7. If you have payroll, process it now.

Stepwise Instructions for Migrating QB Data to Online

QuickBooks data migration from one version to another requires preparing your company files and following the stepwise instructions to transfer them. Follow the steps below to move your data from one version to another.

Step 1: Prepare your QuickBooks for Migration

  1. Verify the current QuickBooks version by pressing F2 to open the Product Information window.
  2. Check the current version and release date. Ensure the company file contains fewer than 750,000 total targets.
  3. If it exceeds this limit, consider transferring balances and lists to QBO.
  4. After importing, you can print a Sales Tax Liability report for adjustment entries by going to Reports > Vendors & Payables > Sales Tax Liability.
  5. Select ‘All‘ from the Dates dropdown, then choose Save as PDF from the Print dropdown and save the file.

Step 2: Transfer QuickBooks Desktop to Online

QuickBooks Desktop Pro or Premier

  1. Log in to QuickBooks Desktop as an admin to access the company file you want to import.
  2. In the Company menu, select Export Company File to QuickBooks Online.
  3. Click Get Started.
  4. Then, select Destination and sign in to your QuickBooks Online account.

QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise

  1. Log in to QuickBooks Desktop as an admin for the company file you want to import.
  2. Press F2 to display your product information.
  3. Open the product information window.
  4. Click the OK button on CTRL+B+Q at the bottom of the product information page to start.

After following the steps mentioned above in this comprehensive guide, you must be able to migrate QuickBooks Desktop to Online. Once you have done so, prepare your QB Online and start enjoying the benefits of the web version. However, during the process, you might find your QuickBooks migration tool not working and won’t be able to transfer the data. In such cases, you can also seek assistance from a professional or contact the QuickBooks support team by dialing +1.833.802.0002.

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