Microsoft Dynamics 365 F&O Integration Increases Business Efficiency, Productivity, and Scalability

For the most part, Microsoft Dynamics 365 F&O integration comes with several business benefits of integrating Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations software solutions using the company’s APIs.  Undeniably, these include lower development costs, higher scalability, and faster implementations than ever

Web and Mobile Applications 

Business companies can remove data from Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM software solution. Notably, this assists business administrators in keeping up with customer communication, create loyalty, target clients for marketing drives, and render further developed client assistance. 


D365FO Data Integration is widely leveraged by business organizations to save huge costs by connecting departments and eliminating the need for manual data entries. For the most part, it provides real-time inventory figures, minimizing labor costs, and enabling business owners to make smarter business decisions than before. 

Third-party Resources Connection

You can thrive in the evolving business landscape with robust Dynamic 365 APIs that can easily connect to third-party resources, databases, or applications. For the most part, these may cover shippers, supply chain members, and BI resources. Also, management or operations managers can monitor any area and find scope of business efficiency without a hitch. 

Microsoft Resources Accessibility 

Markedly, business administrators or owners can connect automatically and share crucial data between Microsoft resources, such as Outlook, Windows Server, Office 365, SharePoint, Skype, PowerApps, Exchange Server, and more. 

Ways to do D365FO Data Integration?  

The Microsoft Dynamics 365 F&O integration with third-party applications is primarily done through the APIs delivered by Microsoft. Chiefly, these are Dynamics 365 REST APIs and include REST-based, SOAP-based, and web-based APIs.  


For the most part, business leaders can use Dynamics 365 REST APIs to manage all business operations and customer-centric functionalities and features. In addition, Microsoft Dynamics 365 REST APIs simplify it for developers to get and manipulate data from Dynamics CRM software.  

Needless to say, thriving businesses can connect to other software, databases or business applications such as BI resources, ERP software, customer apps, and portal systems to steer scalability, increase operational efficiency, and improve user experiences. 

  • REST-based APIs— REST-based APIs are new, agile, and developers use architecture and coding to integrate all business applications into this API.  


  • Dynamics Web API— Developers use this API to integrate business systems by providing information based on HTTP requests to extract crucial data from the CRM software. Notably, business administrators can use this API with various programming languages, operating platforms, and devices.   


  • Online Management API—Business companies can make the best of this API to manage customer engagement among Office 365 tenants. Explicitly, Online Management API offers D365FO data integration across Sales, Field Service, Customer Service, and Project Service Automation. 


On a Final Note, 

At NavisionIndia, business leaders can connect to our skilled and accredited Dynamics 365 F&O Consultants and make the best of Microsoft Dynamics 365 F&O integration. For the most part, our experts offer a robust range of CRM and ERP capabilities across Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations 


In addition, we deliver a cloud-based suite of services to assist customers in collecting, organizing, managing, accessing, and sharing data without any hassle. Given these points, business owners can make it more powerful via D365FO data integration with other business applications or customizing it according to the business organization’s unique business needs. 


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