How much is the toll from Pune to Shirdi?

Planning a spiritual journey to Shirdi from Pune? While the anticipation builds, figuring out the logistics like tolls can throw a curveball. Fear not, fellow pilgrim, for this guide aims to demystify the Pune to Shirdi cab one way toll scenario.

Why Choose a Cab?

For a comfortable and hassle-free journey, opting for a Pune to Shirdi cab one-way service is ideal. You can skip navigating unfamiliar roads, relax in air-conditioned comfort, and avoid the stress of car maintenance. Plus, most cab services handle the toll payments, offering a seamless experience.

Types of Tolls on the Pune-Shirdi Route

Electronic Toll Collection (ETC): This is the most common type, where an RFID tag on the car windshield interacts with electronic scanners at toll plazas, automatically deducting the toll amount from a linked prepaid account.

Cash Toll Lanes: While less common, you might encounter traditional toll booths where you need to pay the toll manually in cash.

Benefits of Using Tolls

Improved travel time: Tolls generally utilize well-maintained highways, leading to faster travel compared to state roads.

Enhanced safety: These roads are often well-lit and patrolled, offering a safer journey.

Reduced congestion: Tolls help manage traffic flow, minimizing congestion on regular roads.

Steps Involved in Paying Tolls

Book your Pune to Shirdi cab one-way service: When booking, inquire if the service includes toll charges. Most reputable cab companies incorporate tolls in their fares.

Confirmation: Ensure your booking confirmation mentions the “toll inclusive” aspect, eliminating any confusion later.

Relax and enjoy the ride: The cab driver will handle all toll interactions, whether through ETC or cash payment.


Understanding Pune to Shirdi cab one-way tolls is simple. Opting for a cab service that includes tolls in the fare provides a convenient and stress-free travel experience, allowing you to focus on your pilgrimage with peace of mind.



What is the approximate toll cost for Pune to Shirdi?

The exact toll amount can vary depending on the specific route and car type, but it typically falls within the range of Rs. 200-300 for a one-way trip.

Can I pay tolls directly if I’m driving?

Absolutely! Ensure you carry sufficient cash for manual toll booths and consider getting an ETC tag for faster and smoother toll payments in the future.

Are there any additional charges related to tolls?

Most cab services factor in toll charges while calculating the fare. However, it’s always good to confirm with the service provider beforehand to avoid any surprises.

With a little planning and the right information, navigating Pune to Shirdi cab one-way tolls becomes a breeze. So, pack your bags, book your cab, and get ready for a blissful journey to Shirdi!


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