how long can a man go without having sex

Men are often shown to have a primal desire for sex. Pop culture perpetuates the stereotype that men need sex constantly in order to function. The real answer as to how long men can go without having sex is dependent on many factors.

The Differences Between Individuals

No one timeframe is universal for all men. Some men are very sexy and will climb the walls within a few days of not having sex. Some men have lower sexual drives and can last months without experiencing any distress. Age, health, medication, stress, relationship status and natural hormones are all factors that can influence a man’s sexual appetite.

Forced abstinence can be more difficult for younger men, who tend to have higher testosterone levels and greater sexual stamina. Many men’s sexual desire decreases as testosterone levels decline with age. Stress, depression, and prescription drugs can also reduce libido. Some men, however, maintain a strong sex drive well into old age in spite of these factors.

Benefits of Periodic Abstinence

Abstinence from sex can be beneficial, even if it is not ideal for many men. The body can rest and regenerate when you take a break from sexual activities. This allows men to focus their energy on other aspects of life, such as work, hobbies and platonic relationships.

Abstinence can lead to an increase in testosterone, which will then increase sexual desire. This can improve fertility and sperm quality. It is healthier to maintain a moderate sexual frequency than to try to achieve maximum sexuality all the time.

The Effects of Prolonged Abuse

Research suggests that men may not be able to benefit from abstinence. Involuntary celibacy for long periods can be draining. The effects may include:

  • Stress, frustration, anxiety, and depression are all on the rise
  • Reduced testosterone production
  • Fertility and sperm quality are lower when sperm quality is low
  • Risk of prostate cancer increased
  • Cardiovascular health: Negative effects

Men may become irritable, moody, or have mental fogginess after many months of not having a sexual experience. Denying innate sexual desires for too long may be harmful.

Duration depends on life stage

The stage of life a man is at will determine how long he can go without sex. The peak libido of younger single men can make it difficult for them to abstain. Even a few days without sex may seem like an eternity.

Men may find that sex becomes less urgent and more routine as they enter into long-term relationships. When partners lose interest, married men can experience dry spells lasting months. But emotional intimacy is still important to the relationship.

Men can go for years without having a sexual partner, particularly if they are shy or dating is difficult. Celibacy can be difficult for some, but bonding helps.

Men who are older and divorced or lose their partners may have to adapt to longer periods without a partner. Sexual activity and need decreases with age and declining health. Some men can maintain a vibrant sexual life well into their old age.

Coping Strategies

Men who abstain from sexual activity, whether they do it intentionally or because of life circumstances, use a variety of coping mechanisms:

  • Staying socially active and maintaining close, non-sexual relationships
  • Focus on your work, hobbies and passion projects
  • Maintaining physical health through diet, sleep, and exercise
  • Masturbation is acceptable in moderation
  • Communication with partners who understand each other
  • If deprivation is overwhelming, there are support groups or counseling available.

The Verdict

Men can’t go for an indefinite amount of time without having sex. While brief abstinence can be healthy, prolonged deprivation is not. This is especially true for men who have naturally high libidos. Celibacy can be survived by staying occupied, avoiding loneliness, managing stress and maintaining good health. Men can survive dry spells with resilience. Their sexual desire will return, affirming a deep human need.


The duration of time a man is able to go without sex depends on a number of factors. Celibacy is influenced by biological, psychological and cultural factors. Some men thrive during periods of abstinence and find fulfillment, while others face challenges.

Understanding celibacy and de-stigmatizing it as a personal and valid choice can help to provide a nuanced view of male sexuality. The duration of time a man can be without sex depends on his personal preferences, and factors that influence this are as varied as individuals.

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