How do CO2 Laser Resurfacing Treatments Ensure the Best Results?

Many people are ardent fans of the CO2 laser skin resurfacing treatment. It is one of the best options available to eliminate the signs of aging and make your skin more youthful. It enhances the texture of your skin efficiently. This treatment is also used to treat several other skin conditions. In addition, it is highly effective in removing tattoos.

A safe, non-invasive procedure

Many people think that CO2 laser is an invasive procedure. Actually, it is not an invasive method. On the contrary, CO2 laser resurfacing is a non-invasive treatment that guarantees excellent results. Many people have found it a better option than surgery. There is no need to doubt the safety of this procedure. You can expect sustainable results if you perform this procedure in a reputed clinic.

Learn about carbon dioxide (CO2) laser

How does CO2 laser operate on your skin? As everybody knows, lasers are highly robust light beams with a narrow spectrum. The CO2 laser is infrared light produced by carbon dioxide. This invisible light has a wavelength of 10,600 nanometers (nm).

What happens when a CO2 laser is applied?  

The topmost skin layer in your face is known as the epidermis. It shows great sensitivity to CO2 laser beams. When this laser is applied to your skin, heating and vaporisation of epidermal water molecules will occur. This procedure also removes the epidermal cells without causing any damage to the nearby tissues. Then, the new, healthy skill cells will replace them to enhance your skin tone and health.

Learn more about the impact of CO2 laser

The removal of the epidermis helps you eliminate the imperfections on your skin layer. That is to say, you can remove pigmentation, rough areas, and wrinkles. Further, this treatment also addresses superficial scars efficiency. The destruction of the outer layer of the skin removes scars on the top. In addition, the intense heat emitted by the CO2 laser destroys or burns the damaged collagen. As a result, the contraction of loose tissues will occur. When the top surface of the skin is stripped off, the immune system gets activated to a certain limit. Consequently, inflammatory responses are activated. What happens then? It stimulates the natural repair mechanism of your body. When the healing takes place, healthy epidermal cells will grow back to trigger the production of more collagen. Naturally, you can expect smooth-looking and healthy skin.

Main advantages of CO2 laser resurfacing  

If you want to maximise the benefits, you should choose a reputed clinic. For any treatment, including excess sweating treatment, you must find an experienced dermatologist and a reliable clinic. CO2 laser removes acne scars and spots efficiently. It is one of the best treatments available to eliminate wrinkles and ensure uniform colouration. This treatment also repairs skin damage of all types with minimal downtime. Other skin conditions that can be treated using this method include sun damage, under-eye creases, rhinophyma and skin laxity.

You can always expect long-standing results with carbon dioxide laser resurfacing treatment. Don’t worry about the skin type, colour, or tone when opting for this treatment. It is a perfect choice for everyone.


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