How can I make a group travel with Allegiant Airlines?

Do you want to explore destinations in the company of your friends and family? Count on the Allegiant Airlines group travel feature. The Airline understands how important it is to travel with your loved ones. That’s why it enables you to fly with them. 


So, book your group trip with Allegiant and have a great experience with shared joys and memories. 

What is Allegiant Airlines Group Travel Policy?


Before booking an Allegiant group travel, know that its group travel program facilitates you to enjoy trips with your loved ones. 


Here are some important pointers of Allegiant Airlines group travel policy for your reference. 


  • Select seats with partial payment. This saves you from making the complete payment upfront. 

  • Name changes within the group are allowed up to 30 days of the departure of your scheduled flight. The changes are for free. 

  • With the group travel program by Allegiant, you can make a single payment for the entire group.

  • A dedicated travel expert will assist you regarding any issues or questions of your trip.

  • Group rates are assured for 10+ passengers on regularly scheduled routes if Allegiant Airlines. 


Please note


  • The airline offers for your quote.

  • You are offered a single price for everyone who is in the group with the group travel program. This is not a discounted trip price. 

  • The validity period of the group trip rates is 24 hours.

  • To know more, call Allegiant Airlines’ group travel customer service team at (702) 505–8888.  

How to Make a Group Booking with Allegiant?


Follow the steps mentioned below to book a group trip with Allegiant Airlines. And fly with your loved ones. Here you go – 

  • Visit the official website of Allegiant Airlines.

  • Choose “Contact Us” from the homepage menu.

  • The support page of the airline opens. 

  • Find the link to Group Travel.

  • Click on it.

  • Access the Allegiant Group travel webpage.

  • Open the Group travel Form.

  • Fill in the required details.

  • Submit the form.


Get a price quote for your group reservation by Allegiant within 3 business days. 


After receiving the price quote, you can pay for the reservation whether partially or in full, as per your convenience. 

What are Allegiant Airlines Fees Group Booking? 


After you are through with the Allegiant Airlines group travel policy and how to book yours, it is good to know about how much you have to pay for it. 


Now, let’s go through the fees and its guidelines of Allegiant group travel booking:


  • For bookings made more than 60 days of your trip, deposit $40 per person, which is a non-refundable amount. You must submit it within 7 days of the booking.

  • Confirm the reservation with a non-refundable fee of $5.00 per person. 

  • You must pay the final amount before 60 days of the scheduled departure with the name list of the travelers in the group. 

  • For name changes within 30 days of the scheduled departure, you must pay a per person fee of $50. 

  • You can’t make Individual cancellations for group bookings. Check the Allegiant Cancellation Policy for more details. 

Wrapping Up


Therefore, you can easily visit your most loved places with your loved ones. However, follow the guidelines and method mentioned above to book your Allegiant group trip. 


Also, remember that journeys within 60 days of the scheduled departure must be paid in full while booking. 

July 10, 2024