What do you need to know about taking Accutane?

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    Accutane, or Isotretinoin 40 mg, is a powerful medication used to treat severe acne. It is highly effective but comes with significant risks and strict guidelines.

    Before Starting

    Consultation: Only prescribed by a dermatologist.

    Pregnancy: Causes severe birth defects. Women must use two forms of contraception and undergo regular pregnancy tests.

    Medical History: Disclose any history of depression, liver disease, or high cholesterol.

    While Taking

    Dosage: Follow the prescribed dosage strictly.

    Side Effects: Common side effects include dry skin, lips, and eyes, as well as nosebleeds. Serious side effects can include mood changes, vision problems, and liver issues.

    Monitoring: Regular blood tests to monitor liver function and lipid levels.

    Lifestyle Adjustments

    Sun Sensitivity: Use sunscreen as Accutane increases sensitivity to UV rays.

    Hydration: Use moisturizers and lip balm to manage dryness.

    Avoid Vitamin A Supplements: To prevent toxicity.


    Long-term effects: May include persistent dry skin or changes in nail texture.

    Effectiveness: Often results in long-term acne remission.

    Always follow your dermatologist’s advice and report any adverse reactions immediately.

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