Do Robot Pool Cleaners Pick Up Algae?

If you own a swimming pool, you know how important it is to keep it clean. No one likes swimming in a pool filled with dirt, leaves, or worse, algae. Algae can make your pool look green and uninviting, and it can also be slippery and unsafe. So, what can you do to keep algae at bay? One option is to use a robot pool cleaner. But do these handy devices actually pick up algae? Let’s dive into the world of robotic pool cleaners Australia and find out!

What is a Robot Pool Cleaner?

A robot pool cleaner is a small, automated device designed to clean your pool for you. Unlike traditional pool cleaners that rely on your pool’s pump and filter system, robot cleaners are self-contained. They have their own motors, filters, and power supplies, allowing them to move around your pool independently. These little robots can scrub the walls and floor of your pool, vacuum up debris, and even filter the water.

How Do Robot Pool Cleaners Work?

Robot pool cleaners are pretty smart. When you place one in your pool, it uses sensors and algorithms to navigate the space. Some models map out the pool to ensure they cover every inch, while others use random patterns to make sure they don’t miss a spot. As the robot moves around, it scrubs surfaces with brushes and vacuums up debris. The dirt and debris are collected in a filter bag or cartridge inside the robot, which you can easily empty when the cleaning is done.

What is Algae?

Algae are tiny, plant-like organisms that can grow in your pool. They thrive in warm, sunny conditions and can turn your pool water green, yellow, or even black. Algae spores can enter your pool from the wind, rain, or even from swimmers. Once in your pool, algae can multiply quickly, especially if the water is not properly balanced or circulated. Algae can make your pool water cloudy, cause slippery surfaces, and clog your pool filter.

Can Robot Pool Cleaners Pick Up Algae?

The short answer is yes, robot pool cleaners can help pick up algae. However, their effectiveness depends on several factors, including the type of algae, the type of robot cleaner, and the overall condition of your pool.

  1. Type of Algae:
  • Green Algae: This is the most common type of algae found in pools. It is usually free-floating and makes the water look green and cloudy. Robot pool cleaners can effectively vacuum up free-floating green algae, especially if it is in the early stages of growth.
  • Yellow/Mustard Algae: This type of algae tends to cling to walls and other surfaces. Robot pool cleaners with strong brushes can scrub yellow algae off the walls, but you may need to use an algaecide to completely eliminate it.
  • Black Algae: This is the most stubborn type of algae and forms tough, protective layers. Robot pool cleaners might struggle with black algae, as it often requires more aggressive treatment, like scrubbing with a wire brush and applying specific chemicals.
  1. Type of Robot Cleaner:
  • Basic Models: These robots have simple brushes and are better suited for picking up loose debris and light algae. They may not be as effective against stubborn algae growths.
  • Advanced Models: High-end robot pool cleaners come with more powerful motors, advanced scrubbing brushes, and better filtration systems. They are more capable of tackling tougher algae and providing a thorough clean.
  1. Overall Pool Condition:
  • Regular Maintenance: If you regularly maintain your pool, keeping the water balanced and running the robot cleaner frequently, it can help prevent algae from taking hold. A clean and well-maintained pool is less likely to develop severe algae problems.
  • Initial Clean-Up: If your pool is already infested with algae, you might need to do some manual cleaning and chemical treatments before the robot cleaner can be effective. Once the algae are under control, the robot cleaner can help maintain the pool.

Tips for Using a Robot Pool Cleaner to Fight Algae

  • Run the Robot Regularly: To keep algae at bay, run your robot pool cleaner regularly. Daily or every other day cleaning can help prevent algae from getting a foothold.
  • Brush the Pool Manually: For stubborn algae, use a manual brush to scrub the walls and floor before running the robot cleaner. This helps loosen the algae so the robot can pick it up more easily.
  • Use Algaecides: If algae are a recurring problem, consider using algaecides as part of your pool maintenance routine. These chemicals can help kill algae and prevent new growth.
  • Check and Clean the Robot’s Filters: Make sure to empty and clean the robot’s filter bag or cartridge regularly. A clogged filter can reduce the robot’s efficiency and make it less effective at picking up algae.
  • Balance Your Pool Water: Keeping your pool water balanced is crucial. Ensure the pH, chlorine levels, and other chemical balances are within the recommended ranges. Properly balanced water helps prevent algae growth.

Advantages of Using a Robot Pool Cleaner

Using a robot pool cleaner has several advantages:

  • Convenience: Robot pool cleaners do the hard work for you. You can set them up, turn them on, and let them clean while you relax or take care of other tasks.
  • Efficiency: These devices are designed to cover the entire pool, ensuring a thorough clean. They can reach areas that are difficult to clean manually.
  • Energy Savings: Since robot pool cleaners operate independently of your pool’s pump and filter system, they can save energy. Some models are also designed to be energy-efficient.
  • Improved Water Circulation: As they move around, robot cleaners help circulate the water in your pool, which can improve filtration and reduce the chances of algae growth.


In conclusion, robot pool cleaners can indeed pick up algae, but their effectiveness depends on the type of algae, the model of the robot cleaner, and how well you maintain your pool. By choosing the right robot cleaner, running it regularly, and taking proper care of your pool, you can keep algae at bay and enjoy a sparkling clean pool all season long. So, if you’re tired of battling algae, consider investing in a robot pool cleaner – it could be the solution you’ve been looking for!

July 10, 2024


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