Artisanal Appetites & Skywhip Tanks

Elevate your dishes and beverages with a professional touch using our powerful Skywhip tanks. These N2O tanks dispense food grade nitrous oxide to create stable foams, including whipped cream. The controlled gas release ensures that heavy cream is whipped to its full potential, resulting in a lighter, smoother, and more luxurious texture than manual whisking alone.

Skywhip tanks

Flavors , Infusions & Skywhip tanks

Infusions & Skywhip tanks allow food and drinks to be taken to the next level, offering a more exciting experience for both diners and drinkers. Despite the fact that almost anything can be used as an infusion, there are certain guidelines which should be followed to ensure success. For example, warm liquids will work better as they tend to produce more potent infusions.

Herbs and spices are also great for infusions & Skywhip tanks as they offer a variety of flavors and can be used to enhance oils, give alcoholic drinks a bold and spicy taste, and even create delicious sauces. Other ingredients which are popular to use as infusions include chilli peppers, strawberries, cucumbers and cherries.

A general rule is to only use fresh and organic ingredients which are not rotting as this will guarantee that the finished infusion will be delicious. Additionally, it’s recommended to only use the best quality ingredients, as they will often provide a far superior flavour.

A Galaxy Gas Infusion Skywhip tanks Strawberry Cream is the perfect asset for caterers, restaurants and bakeries that want to speed up their workflow during dinner rushes and high-volume events. Designed to work harmoniously with the regulator, this tank ensures optimal results every time. With a capacity of 615 grams, this tank is suitable for producing large amounts of whipped creations that are sure to impress.

Appetizers & Skywhips

When planning a cocktail party, appetizers are usually the first course. They are small foods that can be eaten with fingers, and they are a great way to tide guests over until dinner is ready. The options are endless. They may be finger foods, individual quiches or even a platter of cheeses. The important thing is that they be both delicious and attractive, so they can be eaten with little mess. Skywhip tanks Pro infusion canisters come with 1 plastic release valve (regulator kit and adapter hose sold separately).


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